Senatus Populusque Scarberius

High Park is trendy and fun and I am quite happy there, but try to imagine one of the local lefty MPs coming up with a gem like this:

Mr. Joe Comartin, MP (Windsor–Tecumseh, NDP): Mr. Speaker, yesterday 60 Canadian border guards were forced to walk off four Canadian border crossings because an armed and dangerous criminal was approaching the border.

Mr. Derek Lee, MP (Scarborough-Rouge River, Lib.): That’s because they are a bunch of wimps.

Derek Lee deserves a lashing for such inanity, but it is exactly the sort of ill-reasoned devil-may-care bravado one will find at many levels of Scarborough politics.  We may not have had the brightest bulbs in The Hood, but they were, pound-for-pound, the most entertaining bunch of underachievers I had ever seen.  I think it will be a while before I hear anything so infuriating and thigh-slappingly funny out of latte- and dog-spa-stricken High Park.

Hat tips to Stephen Taylor, Torontoist, and OptimusCrime.

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