Support Our Troops Rally

Support_Our_Troops_Rally_sm The photos have been posted to a Flickr set, but be forewarned, I wasn’t able to identify everyone in all of the titles or captions.

I’m not sure what I expected of the event—in general I liked it, it was respectful of our servicemen and women, and I think it would be terrific if many more cities held similar events.  Since The Firm encourages each of us to take a paid volunteer day to do work for a local charity or good cause, I am going to try to get our volunteer coordinators talking to the folks at Toronto MFRC (Military Family Resource Centre) to see if we can’t get something lined up.

My only disappointment was that the music was all very country-and-western.  I have no particular beef against C&W, mind you—but in a city this size, would it be too much to ask for any of our budding rock, alternative, punk or metal acts to get involved, too?  It would be nice to be able to headbang and throw the horns at one of these things, ya know?  Anyway, to those musicians who took the time to come and grace us with their songs—thank you for your time and your talent.  I don’t remember all of your names so I could not credit you properly in my photos, but if you contact me, I will correct it.

The Toronto Police Service, to their credit, sent a colour guard.   Thanks guys, for pulling out the stops and displaying such a highly visible mark of your respect for our fine men and women in uniform.

Thanks to the organizers as well, for putting the whole thing together.  Thanks to the parents of all servicemen and women, for instilling the values of truth, duty and valour into your offspring.  And most of all thanks to those who have served and are serving in this great nation’s armed forces; thank you for embodying those values so courageously throughout our long history.

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4 Responses
  1. Alan says:

    I fear the, as with me as leftie, being a headbanger is not expected as the profile of a loyal supporter of the Canadian Forces.

  2. Chris Taylor says:

    (Sorry, I replied to this earlier but somehow that comment got wiped. I blame tyrannical author oversight!)
    That may be so, Alan. My suspicion is that the compressed timeline played a role, too. If we have another event soon I will try to do my part by tracking down troop-friendly metal or punk bands.

  3. DirtCrashr says:

    It strikes me as a bit bigoted and insulting (since I’m not a C&W fan) that there’s a low-threshold of expectation (my perception anyhow) and country-western is the Patriotic “choice” when most guys I know much prefer hard rock and headbanger stuff.

  4. Chris Taylor says:

    My only beef is that C&W is a pretty marginal market in Toronto and doesn’t seem that representative of Canada’s urban Centre of the Universe. Most of the C&W acts that day were imported from far more rural environs. It would be like holding a “Support the Troops” event in Cochrane, Ontario and booking nothing but Eurodance / trance techno acts. Nothing wrong with it, but it misjudges the enthusiasms of the crowd by a wide mark.
    I had figured the entertainment would include at least a few local bands familiar with the trem bar and distortion pedal…