The Chamber of sober second thought

Liberal Senator Peter Stollery called it a “disgrace” Canada has spread its resources so thin that we have only 65 soldiers posted to Africa in troubled regions like the Congo and Sudan.

I think that the military does not want to go to Africa. We’re dealing with black African peasants. It’s not sexy, and they don’t want to go,” he said after the meeting.

Stollery believes it is CF brass, not the government, that has resisted going to Africa in substantial numbers.

“Maybe it’s because their buddies at NATO aren’t there — the other NATO countries aren’t there either,” he said.

— Kathleen Harris, “Hillier says Canuck forces ‘tapped out’
CANOE Network / Sun Media, 27 September 2006.  [emphasis mine]

Unfortunately, there’s more:

Senator Peter Stollery hurled an insult at Karzai, Afghanistan’s interim president, who MacKay said would soon be visiting Canada.

”You know Karzai, he’s a stooge. He was put there by Americans. Everybody knows that,” Stollery said.

”First of all, I don’t believe President Karzai is a stooge,” MacKay said.

”He can’t be anything else,” Stollery interjected, before fellow Liberal Senator Colin Kenny, who was chairing the hearing, cut him off.

”With respect,” MacKay replied in an even tone, ”he was democratically elected, and having met him, I find him to be a compelling, charismatic, dedicated person that wants to help his country.”

— Mike Blanchfield, “Senators grill MacKay over Afghanistan policy
CanWest News Service / Ottawa Citizen, 30 May 2006. [emphasis mine]

The Honourable Peter A. Stollery,  Deputy Chair, Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, representing the senatorial division of Yonge and Bloor, Toronto.  Not coincidentally, the location of his family’s famous clothing store, of which I was once an avid patron.  Having read up on his latest nonsense, I do not think I shall be buying any more shirts or suits from that establishment.  The man is also a former MP, serving in Trudeau’s Liberal caucus from 1972 through 1981, before being appointed to the Senate.

We are told that it’s inappropriate for the Governor-General, the titular Commander-in-Chief of Canada, to express support for those same Forces as they go about their missions with steadfast determination.  Yet it is perfectly fine for a senator—and the deputy chair of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs—to call a democratically elected foreign head of state an American stooge, and to make thinly-veiled assertions about the casual racism of the senior brass at NDHQ.  And yes, I know about the parliamentary privileges of speech, including freedom from prosecution and slander litigation—still, Senator Stollery’s remarks are unconscionable.

Senator Stollery will serve until November of 2010, when he reaches his 75th birthday.

(Hat tips to Celestial Junk, Daimnation, and Dodgeblogium for the essentials.)

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