Action vs. Implosion vs. Principle

Some more thoughts on the UK-Iran crisis.

  • Ghost of a flea posts a cri de coeur for Britain to rally herself and stand fast in defense of her principles.
  • Kat at The Middle Ground has a lengthy and fascinating examination of Iran’s economic situation.  Recent sanctions against Iran may portend economic disaster, and the end of the Islamic revolutionary government.

While I tend to agree with Kat’s analysis, I think there is a pretty strong argument for punitive military action against the Iranian Navy and IRGC.  Getting the RN people back is the primary objective, but the secondary objective should be to reinforce the principle that you can’t just grab foreign sailors and marines outside your territory any old time you feel your back is against the wall.  There are consequences for doing so, and one of those consequences is (or ought to be) the destruction of assets that make such piracy possible.

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  1. kat-missouri says:

    I’m not going to rule that out. It really depends on how “mad” the mullahs want to get.
    on one hand, everyone needs to be firm and definitely do not give in to any demands for “apologies” or any back door agreements to let up on them financially.
    On the other hand, sometimes war is not useful if, in fact, the regime is in dire economic and political straits. If you attack, you may, in fact solidify support for them inside the country that was waning since nationalistic pride sometimes trumps self preservation.
    I recall when the Chinese took some of our air force guys hostage after bumping them. Everybody knows it was so they could get a look at our electronics set up. Everybody was afraid there would be war, but it really depends on what we want or need to do and what they want and how much we are willing to pay for it.
    I admit, this being the second time this has occured for the very same reasons essentially, it sets a bad precedent, which is why I understand Tony B is refusing to apologize or admit to anything.
    Bad timing for the Turney chick to issue an apology, but I don’t blame her. At least she was on TV and her family knows she is okay. For now.
    Fortunately, if things do come to a head, there are “punitive” things that you could do that would not necessarily result in direct war but could get the point across.
    Blockade their ports and oil platforms.
    Bomb the one and only gasoline refinery in Iran. Their military would be in bad shape; as a matter of fact, that is why I laugh a little about all this “we can’t sustain war against Iran”, yada-yada. That is baloney. Unless they have more than a 30 day reserve (which usually does not take into account high end military usage), they couldn’t last a week.
    We could blockade the country by air, land and sea. They think they are under seige now?
    Don’t worry though, America will stand with you whatever you do. Even if some of your own folks are big idiots.
    I was reading comments on the Guardian news site and I swear I heard Winston Churchill screaming in agony. My comment to the commenters was that, if their comments are anything to go by, British will be captured by penguins in the south pole and held for the ransom of sardines. the Brits need to buy all the sardines they can because they are going to need them.