Canada-India Free Trade?

Awesome.  I am encouraged we are seeking to improve trade relations with a government that has a slightly better understanding of due process and the rule of law than the unaccountable apparatchiks in Beijing.

Mr. Menzies [parliamentary secretary to Canada’s International Trade Minister] says that India is one of Canada’s top trade priorities for new markets as the Conservative government assesses commercial potential around the world. “Where there are significant opportunities and a trading partner willing to work expeditiously to remove barriers and forge linkages, we are ready to engage,” he says.

“India is at the top of our list.”

India offers the Harper government an alternative emerging market partner to China, a country with which the Conservative Party of Canada has had a chilly relationship because of concern over Beijing’s human-rights violations.

Unlike China, India is a democracy and shares a legacy with Canada as a former British colony — one that left both countries with a legal system rooted in English common law.

— Steven Chase, "Ottawa pitching trade deal to India", Globe & Mail, 12 March 2007.

Rock to the .IN!  Now all we have to do is get free trade agreements with Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, then we can form Anglo-Voltron, Defender of the Colonies.

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