A long-ass f**kin’ time ago, in a town called Kickapoo

Made the unfortunate mistake of watching Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny last night, off the AppleTV.  I should note right away that I normally have a very high tolerance for Jack Black’s constant recycling of his one-trick pony, air-guitaring rocker-boy persona.  But this movie came up short for both chuckle-worthy headbanger antics and, well, anything to hold your interest through the many boring, non-chuckle-worthy parts of the movie.

Thanks to YouTube you can watch the (NSFW – language) best part of this flick, which is the opening four minutes and twenty-three seconds.  The kid absolutely nails Jack Black’s expressions and mannerisms.  But don’t be fooled, the rest of the movie is a complete waste of time.  Enjoy this brief, funny clip and then forget you’ve ever heard of it.

T&C Rating: Negative integers too low to list here.   Delete with extreme prejudice.  (Except for the opening five minutes which rate 3 flaming corna out of 5.)

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