Off the ice

tie_domiRan into this familiar face in the office lobby.  He’s looking pretty slim and svelte since he retired from the game and took up broadcasting.  Usually the waistline tends to trend in the opposite direction when you hang up the skates for a desk job.

Apologies for the glare, but I was rushing out to lunch, interrupting his conversation with someone, and I really did not want to inconvenience the guy by having him pose in a non-backlit space.  He was gentleman enough to have a short 20-second conversation and agree to this hastily-snapped picture.

And no, I did not ask about Belinda; the phrase “let sleeping dogs lie” seems like sound policy under the circumstances.

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3 Responses
  1. Darcey says:

    ps – you could have taken him…

  2. Damian says:

    “ps – you could have taken him…”
    Where? Out for lunch?

  3. Chris Taylor says:

    LOL, okay Darcey — you first!
    My high school phys ed class nicknamed me as “Tie Domi” because I had a lot more guts than skill and played a pretty physical game.
    But even on his worst day I am pretty sure the real deal could give me a beating to remember.