Regi patriaque fidelis


Brooks and I attended the first annual Rev, John Weir Foote, VC, CD Memorial Luncheon this afternoon at the Albany Club.  Not going to say too much about it, as the organisers specifically requested that the guest of honour’s remarks stay off-the-record.

What I will say is that General R. J. Hillier, CMM, MSC, CD is the right man for a demanding job at a critical point in Canada’s history.  The general is an articulate and approachable proponent of the services and personnel under his command.  His speeches are filled with anecdotes from individual soldiers and families; he cares deeply for the men and women under his command, and they can sense it.  Hillier is not the hot-headed ranter certain publications delight in portraying; rather he gives every appearance of being an ordinary guy with ordinary enthusiasms, called upon to do extraordinary things in the course of his duty.  Canadian soldiers, sailors and airmen are fortunate to have an effective, indefatigable advocate in this Chief of the Defence Staff.

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