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Remembering those who risked their lives at Juno Beach.  The 14,000 soldiers of the 2d Canadian Armoured Brigade and 3d Canadian Infantry Division.  The 11,000 sailors of the Royal Canadian Navy on 126 ships tasked to Operation Neptune/Overlord and related assignments.  The men and women of every UK-based RCAF squadron, who flew in support of these landings.

The Canadian order-of-battle for this day is staggering; see this DND Newsroom backgrounder for the enormity of it all.  Looking down the list of ships, for instance, it’s apparent that the Royal Canadian Navy named a vessel after every hamlet in the nation with more than a dozen people in it.  Some of these ships had more crew than their namesake town had inhabitants.  What tremendous effort from this nation of a mere 11.9 million souls.

Thank God for those guys and gals who are (and who have been) under arms, fighting to end a nightmare thousands of miles from home.

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