Riddle me this…

If our dear neighbours in Québec are not, in fact, sinking into a ghastly mire of knee-jerk anti-imperialism and corrosive anti-Semitism, how does one square this assertion, made in the wake of l’affaire Kay (a.k.a “Quebecistan“)…

Today’s Quebec is a vibrant, diverse, tolerant and deeply democratic society. On the Lebanese issue, as on many others, there a difference of opinion between Quebec and other regions of the country. Being partners in the great Canadian experience, we should not caricature or squash those differences, but try to understand and build from them.

— Andre Pratte (Editorial Pages Editor at La Presse), “The myth of ‘Quebecistan’“.  National Post, 16 August 2006.

… With these appalling political cartoons published in some of Québec’s most-read daily newspapers1.  Including the one whose Editorial Pages editor made the statement quoted above.

(Hat tip to eagle-eyed Darcey at Dust my Broom)

La Presse, Montréal.  Average weekly circulation 1,514,475.
La Tribune, Sherbrooke.  Average weekly circulation 200,479.
Le Devoir, Montréal.  Average weekly circulation 184,153.
(all figures from Canadian Daily Newspaper Circulation Data, 2006.)

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