Neighborhood of Make-Believe

A few weeks ago, a cabbie related to me that His Worship the Mayor was my neighbour—in fact he resides on the street behind mine.  Some precision-guided Googling reveals that apparently it’s true.

I am not Mr. Miller’s biggest fan, but I do consider him a better administrator than his predecessor, Mr. Lastman.  Miller’s stock went up significantly in my books after the city’s purchase of the Green Lane landfill, but languished thereafter.  The frustrating thing about his tenure has been the overwhelming lack of vision (and action) on the mayor’s part.  You get the sense that Miller knows he wants to be mayor, but beyond that, doesn’t have a clear idea of what he wants the city to look like, or how he thinks it should operate.

Now I don’t buy the old chestnut that the personal is political, so I’d never blab his residential details on a blog for the Google-cache to retain forever.  I’m too old and cynical about municipal governance to get any mileage out of it, but if I were the firebrand of my youth, I might have tried to offer some suggestions.  Maybe a flyer (with advice) stuck in his mailbox:


And no Dave, sticking your hand out to the province and feds, asking “Spare any change?” doesn’t count.

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