Remember the Jackass

Peter Mansbridge: By the end of the day, what were you thinking about in terms of how the world had changed?

Prime Minister Chrétien: But I’ve said that it is a division in the world that is building up. And I knew that it was the inspiration of it. For me, I think that the rest of the world is a bit too selfish, and that there is a lot of resentment. I felt it when I dealt with the African file for the Summit of the G8. You know, the poor, relatively, get poorer all the time. And the rich are getting richer all the time. You know, now we see the abuse of the system with problems in the United States at this moment with the corporate world, you know.

When you think that, you know, you have to let go somebody in the Cabinet because perhaps relatively very minor things, of guidelines. And there was billions of dollars that were basically stolen from the shareholders. And we have to you know solving the problems when you read history. Everybody don’t know when to stop. There is a moment, you know, when you have to stop. There is a moment when you have very powerful (inaudible).

I said that in New York one day. I said, you know talking, it was Wall Street, and it was a crowd of capitalists, of course, and they were complaining because we have a normal relation with Cuba, and this and that, and, you know, we cannot do everything we want.

And I said…if I recall, it was probably these words: “When you’re powerful like you are, you guys, is the time to be nice.  And it is one of the problems. You know, you cannot exercise your powers to the point that of humiliation for the others. And that is what the Western world, not only the Americans, the Western world has to realize, because they are human beings too, and there are long-term consequences if you don’t look hard at the reality in 10 or 20, or 30 years from now. And I do think that the Western world is going to be too rich in relation to the poor world. And necessarily, you know, we look upon us being arrogant, self-satisfying, greedy and with no limits. And the 11th of September is an occasion for me to realize that it’s even more.”

— The Rt. Hon. Joseph Jacques Jean Chrétien, CBC-TV interview, September 11th, 2002.  Via InstaPundit.

UPDATE: I wonder how much humiliation M. Chrétien thinks the 24 dead Canadians dished out, in order to be targeted like this.  Maybe he should have implemented some vast utopian policy to expunge arrogance from all Canadians, so that we would never grow old, die, or suffer unfairness.

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  1. Darcey says:

    I first seen that quote in ‘Hating America: A History’. It was in the Canadian section.