Second attempt at an EU3: NA + MMG AAR

Just installed the latest version of Magna Mundi Gold for Europa Universails III: Napoleon’s Ambition, and will get cracking on a new AAR shortly.

Many EU3 players like to limit themselves to minor (i.e. one-province) nations, growing the minor into a major and eventually dominating world affairs.  There’s certainly enormous challenges involved in doing this, although I prefer to play the majors (Great Britain, France, Portugal, etc).  Playing a major nation is a little more forgiving, in that you can make a few mistakes and suffer a major calamity without totally hosing your economy / military / relations for all time.

The downside to the majors is that it’s easy to steamroll the world, if that’s your style of play.  I try to limit myself to what I would consider to be reasonable constraints.  For instance, as France you might have the capability to expand westward into Iberia, but why would you?  Different cultures, increased stability, lesser tax and production income, no historic French crusades or missions into that region.  Just because you can doesn’t always mean that you should.  Ergo for this round as England, I am going to revive my previous objectives and modify them a little.


  • Annex Scotland (by 1707) and Ireland (by 1801) to form Great Britain.
  • Kick Norway out of the Orkneys and annex them.
  • Mediæval crusade to free Judea and Lebanon.  Objective forfeit if not complete by 1500.
  • As Curia controller, guarantee the independence of the Papal States and the failed crusader
    state of the Knights Hospitallers of Rhodes (until the Reformation, if there is one).  If I’m not pulling the Curia’s strings then the Bishop of Rome can clean up his own messes.
  • Guarantee the independence of the Duchy of Athens (someone has to buy the Elgin Marbles!).  Sorry, fellas.  You dragged me into too many wars last time.
  • Seek the independence and unification of the Netherlands.
  • Drive the Ottoman Empire out of Rumelia and liberate Constantinople.  No Siege of Vienna on my watch, thank you very much.
  • Retain control of the thirteen American colonies (apologies to Messrs. Jefferson, Washington et al).
  • Control much of the territory of the historic British Empire, appropriate to its holdings in 1793 1820, by the end date.  The Napoleon’s Ambition add-on extends the end date.


  • No province in the British Isles—except the Orkneys—may be gained by military
    annexation, only by vassalship and diplomatic annexation (hopefully the
    Scots and Irish won’t be as resentful, then.  Don’t see any way around force-annexation of the Orkneys as I really don’t want to inherit the whole of Norway just to get one province
  • Never surrender Calais, and strive to retain all Continental French holdings.
  • No native/pagan states (Incas, Mayas, Aztecs, North American First
    Nations) are to be annexed in a war of aggression, but will permit annexation as the result of an unprovoked native-initiated war.
  • Do not colonise any province where the primary economic output is slaves.
  • The Royal Navy must outclass its nearest rivals in fleet size by half.  By 1820 it should be as large as the next two navies combined.  This is Britannia, after all.

So that’s the general strategy at the start.  As the game progresses, some of these will likely change.  Feel free to post suggestions on objectives / limits yourself.

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