Sounds Familiar

The Mayor goads the business community to go after the provincial and federal government to pay their fair share.

[The Mayor] said the city has some big challenges in the future and it needs the support of business to assist in putting pressure on the two higher levels of government.

“It’s time that the provincial and federal governments paid their way. This is one way in which they could greatly help the municipalities to offset the challenges that we have. Did you know that the federal government, provincial government, do not pay their way? They don’t pay taxes like all of the businesses represented here today”

… the city can’t fight the good fight on its own and needs the support of the business community to convince the provincial government to remove the downloaded cost of social services from the municipal tax base.

“Gridlock is going to have a major impact on the city. Every day more cars are going on the road and nothing is being done.”

More whining from His Worship, David Miller?

Nope.  New whining from Her Worship, Hazel McCallion.

Hazel, did it ever occur to you (at any point in your 29-year tenure) that decades of unchecked urban sprawl in Mississauga might—conceivablybite you in the ass by creating massive gridlock?  No, huh?  That’s a shame.

Good luck getting that money out of the province and the feds.  Ask Dave how well that tactic is working out.

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