Only in Toronto…

Torontoist reviews a roundup of the city’s pumpkin tarts, and declares a winner:

The champion du jour was Future [Bakery]. As stated previously, our judging panel felt that this tart had the most “French bakery-ness” to it. The presentation and flavours were dandy, with real whipping cream and the right ratios of spice and pumpkin. While some of the panel felt that there was a certain unnameable quality missing, and others mentioned that perhaps there was too much crust or that the spice “blob” on the cream was slightly disconcerting, on a whole this is a great tart. It tasted and looked home-made and, unlike some entries, there was bona fide quality across the board. As they say in France, “cette tartelette à la citrouille est belle et exemplifie l’esprit de la saison.” And so, mes amis, tartons-nous!

[emphasis mine]

The penultimate tart is the one that best resembles the notional product of a Continental kitchen.  This is probably a bad time to mention that French bakeries stole the idea from us, because said pie is an autumn tradition originating in North America.  Might as well be praising the “authentic” Tex-Mex version of coquille St-Jacques.

That said, I understand some of the criticisms of the other tarts.  B&R’s “build quality” in particular leaves a lot to be desired.

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