Internal Audit always rings twice

Get back to your desk, slacker!

Suddenly, I regret having a GPS-enabled BlackBerry.

While reviewing the new I.T. policies on a just-upgraded BlackBerry Enterprise Server, I found this little gem:


Normal GPS receivers are exactly that—receivers.   They don’t transmit any information back to ground or satellite stations.  But cell phones—by their very nature—are location-reporting devices.  They are constantly in touch with the cellular towers, checking signal strength against several towers at once, allowing triangulation of your position.

Some North American wireless carriers are employing this innate capability in a useful way, by giving that triangulation information to emergency services when someone calls 911 from a mobile phone.  This is also how services like Globis Data’s DRIVES determines traffic flow along major streets and highways.

This information has never been reported back to the BES, and I’m not sure just how granular and specific the recorded data will be.  Will it record a complete daily track, or just take a single snapshot every 15 minutes, discarding the previous location data?  I guess one way to find out to enable this policy for my own account and see what kind of crap it records in the back-end database.

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