Place casualty bets here

How many kittens could you drown in an hour? wants to know!

Who are the morons that drafted and posted today’s poll?  Note that the lead article is a piece about a recently deceased CF medic.  And the story linked by the poll itself is about two more combat casualties.


That’s nice and classy.  Maybe tomorrow they can ask us about the lighter side of cancer, or how to lift the mood at funerals with a well-timed fart.

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2 Responses
  1. Alan says:

    That is disgusting.

  2. Gorthos says:

    Certainly in bad taste.
    Aside from that poll in particular, I wish that the usual online news paper polls were required to have a choice at the bottom that was as follows or similar ” E. I Don’t Care. ” especially when they relate to celebrities.