Sure, that would help

Ottawa urged to scrap statutory release of cons—in favour of earned parole.

Maybe they could think about some kind of aptitude test for judges, too.  Nice and easy multiple-choice questions, like:

"You have convicted a defendant of aggravated assault and sexual assault against a minor.  When considering sentencing, you will:

a) Deliver a firebrand rebuke from the bench, then hand down a sentence exactly one-half the maximum that the statute permits.  After time credited for pre-trial custody, this will work out to about 3-4 years.

b) Hand down a lighter sentence because what this individual needs is rehabilitation, not retribution.  Just don’t think about any kids that might get assaulted while he/she’s out on statutory release, rehabilitating themselves.

c) Hand down a sentence of death by breaking wheel (multiple offences) or 72 lashes, Branding and fifteen years’ Transportation to the Hans Island penal colony (first offence)."

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  1. Alan says:

    I (heart) the plan for a penal colony on Hans Island.