Cognitive dissonance in action

From the Letters section of February’s Toronto Life magazine:

The December article about C. W. Jeffreys does not reflect my experiences as the principal.  Our staff took learning and safety very seriously.  For example, we worked hard to support student learning by continuing successful programs, implementing several new programs, extending library hours, expanding supports for special education students and working with community agencies.  Additional safety and student supports are in place this year that will further ensure a safe learning and teaching environment for everyone at Jeffreys, a goal we all share.

Charis Newton-Thompson, Principal, C. W. Jeffreys Collegiate Institute, 2006-2007.

— Letters,
Toronto Life, February 2008 [print edition].

Sure, your attention to student safety and security was such that you and your vice-principals are now facing non-criminal charges of failing to report a sexual assault.  But other than that—and the murder of Jordan Manners on school property—there’s not a thing wrong.

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