Filthy media vultures

The media’s gleeful Canadian-soldier-deathwatch continues with gusto.  Exhibit A—this article on Canoe CNEWS, headlined “Dead Canuck soldier’s mom cries out“, with accompanying photo:

Afghan Cda Killed 20080102 TOPIX

That’s Lise Marcil, mother of recent casualty Gunner Jonathan Dion.  The headline gives the impression that maybe she has something to say about the mission, or her son’s death, but surprise surprise, neither she nor any individual family member is quoted anywhere in said article.  The closest they come to it is this:

In a statement Monday, family members said Dion loved being a soldier and served his country “with honour and pride alongside his brothers in arms in Afghanistan.”

Family members, who made no public remarks Wednesday, were escorted into a black limousine to accompany Dion’s body to Toronto.

Does that sound like “crying out” to you?  The whole thing is just a disgusting bait-and-switch to get you to see the photo of a grief-stricken mother.

Nice one, Gregory Bonnell of the Canadian Press.  You and your editor are a class act.

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