Second into the Garbage Can when the Revolution comes

Over the past week I had completed a major network upgrade at home, replacing all five computers with much quieter, less power-hungry duo-core models.

Typically during server replacement I would rename the existing box, build the new one, transfer files and settings between the two, and then rebuild the old server as a workstation so that it can be given away/donated.  The mass file transfers can be a little onerous, especially between old and new file servers.  Apparently the workload was too much for my Cisco/Linksys SD2008 (rev 2.1) switch, because it suffered some kind of failure (probably overheat) and then stepped down the speed for all ports from 1 gbit to a mere 100 mbits.  Even after a reboot and disconnection of all inputs save one port.

linksys_sd2008Not cool, especially since the SD2008 is less than a year old—my initial prediction of it lasting “into the long haul” was way off.  It’s got a lifetime warranty, but that’s small comfort.  What is the point in lifetime replacements which fail after less than a year?  At this point I have tried D-Link, NetGear and Linksys 8-port gigabit switches, and come to the conclusion that consumer-model switches are basically a waste of time.  Without a fan, these things are going to overheat and die when 7 of 8 ports are in use, 24/7.

I’m going to give Cisco/Linksys one last kick at the can, in the form of the new semi-managed SLM2008.  It shares the same form factor with the (unmanaged) SD2008, but the power consumption is much lower, a mere 6 watts.  The fact that it has managed switch capabilities is a nice addition, and it’s about the same cost as its unmanaged predecessor.  This thing had better last for at least two years, or I’m swearing off Cisco/Linksys products completely.

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