When scientists talk out their ass

Canadian physicist challenges the orthodoxy on whether or not high-altitude jet contrails contribute to global warming.

Rebuttal (and oops) from U.S. lead researcher:

The lead researcher on the original U.S. study told the Star yesterday that the negative results from Canada don’t necessarily undermine his group’s findings.

“It’s possible that Canada simply doesn’t have a high enough density of jet traffic for contrails to make any difference,” said David Travis, a geography professor at the University of Wisconsin in Whitewater.

But Travis said he had not realized Pearson Airport has been ranked 20th busiest airport in the world measured by takeoffs and landings.

Not to mention that if you are crossing the North Atlantic in either direction (to or from the east coast of North America), you are all but guaranteed to transit Canadian airspace courtesy of little things called NATs—the North Atlantic Track system.  I’m sure that’s only a dozen or flights a day.   Surely not in the hundreds.  Hardly any aircraft ever cross the pond these days, right?

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