The Semiotic Steamroller

I absolutely love this comment/post by Publius at Gods of the Copybook Headings:

No closet here, I’m 100% in favour of open immigration. Even of Muslims. The more the better frankly. The overwhelming majority of conservatives are afraid of immigration, they want to close the door. This is a confession of weakness and fear, though understandable given the state of the culture. Faced with a similar intellectual pathology to Islamism the Canada of 50 years ago wouldn’t have blinked. Islamism is a terribly weak ideology, relying upon the hand me downs of the dregs of western philosophy, like fascism and communism.

To win the war against Islamism we need only be ourselves and proclaim it loudly. At every turn denounce the violation of liberties and basic humanity. Every author censored, every woman beaten, every daughter denied an education, in Karachi, in Tehran and in Mississauga. Speak loudly, speak boldly, have no fear of causing offense. The truth will set us and them free.

…I would like to add to the above only this, a humanitarian consideration.  Do you really think our society is so weak and incapable of cultural self-defense, that it requires us to close the borders?  Before you answer that question please keep in the mind the price to be paid, not by Canada, the United States or Great Britain, whose immigration departments are flooded with worthy applicants from through out the world, but to those you will refuse entry.  What fate do you leave them to?  What happens to girls like Ayaan Hirsi Ali who are still left behind?  Is their fate worth your fears?

In order to make that happen, though, we would have to dispense with certain illusions and take up a rather strenuous defence of Western classical liberal values.  The trend of the past thirty or so years has been to deny their value and surrender the cultural high ground to every passing social studies fad.

Radical Islamism has no hope of gaining majority mindshare amongst even newly-arrived Canadians, provided we are willing to defend our rational, egalitarian roots and remind everyone of why liberal, democratic Western nations are such great places to emigrate to.  And they didn’t get that way by accident.

We are the winning team.  We know it, they know it.  Let’s start acting like it.

UPDATE: I neglected to mention that I lifted the title of this piece from an insightful comment by The Flea, in his own post “Between Pop Music and the Puritans I am not neutral“.  One of the greatest blog-posts ever.

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  1. Damian says:

    “We are the winning team. We know it, they know it. Let’s start acting like it.”