Things I Learned from Guitar Hero III—Part I

gh3_womanI had the gross misfortune to become addicted to Rock Band a few weeks ago, and after a few sessions with a full “band”, it was apparent I would have to get some kind of console system and wail away on my own fake musical instruments.

I don’t understand how this happened, I never wanted to be in a rock band, ever.  But it’s just plain fun to mash the buttons on your fake guitar, or whomp the crap out a fake drum set, especially when you have three or four girls and guys all trying to get your fake band to perform well enough to get sponsors and tour to a new city.

So I finally broke down and got a console and my own button-mashing fake musical experience.  After a weekend of goofing off with Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, here are some things I have learned:

  • C.C. DeVille is an underrated guitarist. I didn’t care much for Poison in my youth, mostly due to extensive overplay of ‘power’ ballads like “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”.  But now that I am an old fart trying to play his way through “Talk Dirty To Me” on a fake guitar, it seems far more demanding of finger dexterity than I would have imagined.  And this is one of the game’s easy songs.
  • Ann and Nancy Wilson don’t suck. I was still in kindergarten when “Barracuda” was released, so most of my personal experience of Heart involves their ’80s period of gigantic crimped-lion-mane hair and overwrought ‘power’ ballads.  Again with the ballad-hate, I know.  I do not dig the ‘power’ ballad.  Anyway, sorry ladies, I realise now that this is actually a good song.
  • Modern pop-rock can be okay—in very small doses. I stopped listening to non-news radio several years ago, so my knowledge and memory of popular music is fading like a bad dream.  Thus I am surprised to note that I still have the capacity to like music written as recent as the autumn of 2006—”When You Were Young“, by The Killers.
  • Spain knows how to rock. I love “Avalancha” by the Spanish rock band Héroes del Silencio.  It is probably my favourite bonus track from GH3.  The song is—and this is the technical term—fucking mint, even if the English translation makes no damn sense whatsoever.  It’s probably some kind of Spanish ‘power’ ballad but hell, it sounds awesome anyway.  This is Heaven’s own Latin music; forget that boy-band Enrique garbage.
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3 Responses
  1. Kateland says:

    I know what you mean. I haven’t played rock band but I have been caught up playing GH2 & 3.

  2. RockBand — I’ve had 100% vocals on Rush “Limelight” at both Easy and Medium. That’s about it for my feats thus far.
    Love the drums, but haven’t spent much time with that part yet (game owned by a friend).

  3. Chris Taylor says:

    The drums are my favourite piece of kit, too. I get the sense that if I actually knew how to play the drums it would be a cakewalk in the game. I do enjoy the fake guitar, but the fake drums are the shizznit. Like you I don’t own Rock Band yet, I’ve just tried it elsewhere, so I have to content myself with GH3 (which I do own).
    I don’t think I’ve managed 100% on RB vocals yet but I did get high-90s on a couple of sentimental favourites (Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” and Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead Or Alive”).
    Watching somebody play these games, a bystander just won’t get the appeal at all. To really understand it you have to play it yourself, and then you get roped into the sort of singing-in-the-shower goofy fun of it. I was surprised how fast I got suckered into the fun factor once I’d played a couple of sets.