ATU 113 gears up to hold Toronto hostage once again

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 has cranked out a bunch of television ads claiming that its 8,000 members contribute something like $12 billion in annual social, economic and environmental benefits to the city.

A report toting up the cost to Toronto if there was no public transit is the basis for an ad campaign being launched today by the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113.

Called “Worth a Million,” the TV campaign’s message is that each transit worker is worth $1 million annually to the city.

— Tess Kalinowski, “TTC union’s ad campaign precedes contract vote“.
Toronto Star, March 10th, 2008.

And what prompted this PR effort to convince the citizens of the union’s goodwill and productivity?  Well, they are about to threaten it all by voting against an initial contract offer, which will likely (as is tradition) result in fruitless offers and counter-offers, followed by mediation, followed by a strike or lockout, which is in turn followed by arbitration.

The launch comes as the union is preparing to vote on a contract offer on Wednesday. Union president Bob Kinnear says he expects his members will firmly reject the company’s initial offer of 2 per cent in a 4-year settlement. The current agreement expires March 31.

“We are an asset to this city, not a cost,” Kinnear told a gathering today of reporters and about 100 TTC workers.

“We save this city money. We make it healthier,” he said.

During the strike phase you will forget all sympathy for Local 113, so it’s essential to remind you of it now, pre-strike, in the hope that your forgetfulness will be slightly arrested.  Well, good luck fellas.  We all know how well that wildcat thing worked out last time.

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  1. Ryan says:

    I would be more sypathetic of the TTC Union position if it wasn’t for their pathetic attendance record. How many dollars are collected by union malingerers who are more than happy to collect their 75% pay rather than fulfill their work obligations.