Bacon for the infidel amongst the ummah


Navy Times brings good news to hungry warfighters stationed in the pork-free lands of the Prophet:

What’s the worst thing about being deployed to a Muslim country? The flying lead? The 120-degree heat? No bacon?

If you’d pick “no bacon,” here’s good news.

A Seattle-area business is concerned that Marines don’t have enough bacon on deployment. The owners of J&D’s Down Home Enterprises are pushing their new product — “Bacon Salt.” It’s a “vegetarian and kosher seasoning salt that makes everything taste like real, delicious bacon,” according to the manufacturer.

Apparently the company was contacted by a bacon-craving Marine stationed at a small base in Anbar province.  While the larger military facilities in Afghanistan and Iraq do provide bacon, there are many small camps and FOBs that cannot.

The company has launched “Operation Bacon Salt“, aiming to provide the additive to warfighters in Southwest Asia.  As Justin Esch—one the company’s owners—wrote Navy Times, ““We hope that by supporting the troops in our own way we can help inspire other companies (with much larger budgets) to do the same.”

“This is noble fat” update: The New York Times‘ Edward Schneider weighs in on traditional (i.e. porcine) bacon, and its many treatments and forms.

Fruit of the Pig update: The Stranger‘s Lindy West searches out Seattle’s best bacon.

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