Finally, a paid vacation of our own

Ontario could get equalization payments within 2 years: TD

I’m claiming seasonal employment, because it’s damned inconvenient to work from January through March, when you might have to wear a hat.

From the same article:

Time to rework equalization formula?

The authors also say that Ontario is still a net contributor to federal coffers and likely will be in the future. Based on the most recent 2005 data, they say Ontario residents contributed $21 billion more to Ottawa than they got back in federal spending.

So if Ontario does end up getting equalization payments, “Ontario residents will, in effect, be paying the equalization tab with their own money,” according to Drummond and Burleton.

Well, it beats paying every else’s equalisation funding with our money, doesn’t it?   Isn’t it time we got to keep some?  Why does it seem like the baseline economic assumption is always “Ontario shells out”?

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