Journalistic fact-checking in action!

Oh for the love of…  Listen up, CTV:


First, the name of the community in your story is actually Fort Albany, not Port Albany.  Port Albany could refer to places in New York state or Australia.  Fort Albany is on the southern shore of the Albany River (near James Bay), in Ontario.

Second, the name of the helicopter pictured in the story is a CH-149 Cormorant, not a CH-146 Griffon.  Griffon helicopters (as well as CC-130 Hercules transports) were on the scene, but image you’ve got attached to that story is neither.  It’s a Cormorant.

I know looking up stuff is hard and all, but you are getting paid to do it, right?

291448Z APR 2008: Kudos to somebody for going back to that article to correct the name of the town and excise the “Griffon” bit from the photo caption.

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