The drinking was the worst

I was watching the Oakland-Anaheim baseball game this evening, and this commercial aired during a break.  Yes, it’s from an HMO, and HMOs are supposed to be the devil, but you will have a good belly laugh nonetheless while watching the ad.

UNRELATED NOTAM:  The Detroit Tigers are my official backup MLB team this season, should the Jays fold like a cheap deck chair.  The Oakland Athletics are the assistant backup MLB team for as long as Frank Thomas remains on the roster.

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2 Responses
  1. Alan says:

    Isn’t the baseball channel package the best! I am a Mets man as well as a Sox one now.
    And I thought your heart of hearts belonged to Detroit anyway.

  2. Chris Taylor says:

    The Sports Pack is dangerous. I can bring myself to root for pretty well any team that’s on TV at any given moment.
    I root for the Tigers mostly out of sentimental reminiscences of notables from my youth. Guys like Cecil Fielder, Mickey Tettleton, Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker… all led by one of baseball’s most successful managers, George “Sparky” Anderson.
    This year though I had hoped that the Jays would ditch well-regarded 2007 underperformers Troy Glaus and Reed Johnson (check!) and kind of go somewhere. But the whole Frank Thomas debacle put me off buying tickets for anything other than the Jays/Tigers series in April. That money’s better spent on the extra MLB channels anyway.
    The good news is Oakland is actually doing pretty well, and Thomas seems to be having a better year there anyway, so it’s all kind of worked out.