This is why whisky-drinkers hate the LCBO

Before you start saying, “How can any Scotch possibly be worth that much?” remember that velcro and digital clocks were yet to be invented the last time this $30,000 bottle of The Balvenie was mere barley and water.

Also, this is the Ontario price we’re talking about. This same Scotch sells for £6,000 (about $12,000) in the U.K. — so it’s not a $30,000 Scotch; it’s a $12,000 Scotch with a 150% Ontario liquor bureaucracy markup.

— Adam McDowell, “Libation Station: $1,750 a shot“.  National Post/Libation Station, April 3rd, 2008.

[emphasis mine]

Yeeouch, one hundred and fifty percent.

Similarly one of my favourites, the (comparatively) more reasonable Macallan 18, costs £69.50 (about $140) in the U.K., but at the LCBO, it’s $279.95.

(Hat tip to Patrick Metzger of Torontoist )

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