Bacon of the Month Club

boar_bacon No, I am not joking.  There really is such a thing.

For a hundred and fifty bucks a month year, plus shipping, you can have new and exotic bacon delivered to your door once a month by a site called The Grateful Palate.

Here is what the proprietor has to say on the subject:

I’ve made it a life goal to seek and find great bacons from all over the United States.  Every year I taste hundreds of bacons and from my tastings I select the best of the best to be in my catalog.  You can order bacons individually or in combos.

I’m trying to wrap my mind around tasting hundreds of bacons every year.  People get paid for that?  Man am I ever on the wrong career track.

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5 Responses
  1. Kateland says:

    This is just not kosher – what is up with this new found fascination with all things treif? tsk, tsk.

  2. Chris Taylor says:

    I believe bacon is an abundant and renewable resource in this country, and we have failed to utilize it to its full potential. =)

  3. DCardno says:

    I think you have overstated the cost by an order of magnitude, Chris – looking at the website, I believe the price is $150 annually, for a monthly delivery. The price you noted, of $150/month for one monthly delivery seems enough to go and pick up the product oneself, possibly with a little left over, no?

  4. Chris Taylor says:

    Egads, you’re right. Well that makes it a whole lot more practical, doesn’t it? I wonder what our customs laws have to say about the importation of pork?
    EDIT: Let me also say that if by any chance there were a Premium Bacon Service for $150/month, and you got to try truly exotic bacons (i.e. harvested from dinosaurs cloned from surviving DNA fragments, or visiting extraterrestrial animals) I would be in for that too.

  5. DCardno says:

    You’re not the inspiration for whatever-that-kids-name-was on “even Stevens”* are you? Bids, or Bugs, or something? Beans?
    *My daughter used to watch it. So sue me.