God keep our land glorious and ignorant

Overheard some colleagues discussing the Democratic primaries and 2008 presidential contenders in general.  Could not be a more perfect example of smug Canadian bubbleheadedness.  They are busy nodding in knowing agreement that Senator McCain will be the next President, because certain parts of America (read: everywhere) are too backward, sexist, racist and stupid to vote for a woman or a black man.  They are also busy being proud that no serving Canadian Prime Minister has ever been assassinated.

Entirely missing from the discussion is the realisation that a woman has never been elected Prime Minister of Canada in a general election.  A woman succeeded to the office by virtue of winning her party’s leadership convention, but (and it is an important but) the one time in Canadian history a female Prime Minister faced the public in a general election, she was soundly defeated and her party reduced to a two-seat rump.

Also missing is the realisation that in Canada, a black man has never, ever been one of the top two leadership contenders for one of our four currently-elected federal parties.

Yet somehow our southern brothers are the backward, sexist, racist and stupid ones.

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  1. Candice says:

    Hey Canadian basher, wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
    from “a perfect example of smug Canadian bubbleheadedness”.

  2. Chris Taylor says:

    Candice, I think there are plenty of fact-based reasons for Canadians to feel smug and superior.
    Being proud of our own accomplishments isn’t a bad thing. But being proud of imaginary exploits while denigrating a neighbour’s non-imaginary exploits says something else, not altogether good.

  3. Candice says:

    Well I’m actually a Canaussie, dual citizenship, this being said however Australia is yet,to the best of my knowledge; had a woman or black man either. Or have they? Or assassinated? I think we lost one at sea though……….no?
    “a perfect example of smug Canaussie bubbleheadedness”.

  4. Colin says:

    … our gracious host is being somewhat obtuse and disengenous – K. Campbell was annihilated at the polls as the electorate sought to punish Mulroney and ultimately the Tories (which they did, in spades, as he demonstrated. That loss set the stage for the gutting of the PCs and the rise of the Reform/CCRAP/Canadian Alliance/New Tories/WhateverTheHellTheyCallThemselvesNow).
    She wasn’t wiped out because she was a woman.
    As for a PM assassination? Just because we haven’t had one doesn’t mean I for one have not been tempted…

  5. Chris Taylor says:

    Sorry, Colin. I don’t think I implied that (and I certainly don’t mean to). The reasons for The Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell’s defeat are myriad — as are those for the defeat of Mrs. Rodham Clinton.
    In fact my entire argument here is that the acceptance or rejection of the American voting populace is predicated on an awful lot more than one’s sex chromosomes or melanin content.
    I think your argument is more properly directed at my colleagues than myself. =)

  6. Colin says:

    Ah, ok then. No worries, I had hoped you weren’t putting forward that argument.
    And I’ve read some of your colleagues’ blogs. They .. scare me sometimes.

  7. Chris Taylor says:

    Uhm… this was actual colleagues, i.e. people in the office–the Average Joe flying a desk in the Finanicial District. Not bloggers, as far as I know.

  8. Colin says:

    Work colleagues? Oh lordie. I make it a point never to discuss politics or religion at work. I’d rather chew hot glass.