Not adding up

Durham Regional Police officers converged on St. Mary Catholic Secondary School, on Whites Rd. near Finch Ave., at around 9 a.m. after receiving calls of a fight.

“It looks like there was a confrontation with two students involved,” said Sgt. Paul McCurbin.

One student was taken to an area hospital with injuries described as non-life threatening.

McCurbin said police have locked down the school while they search for the other.

“There is no threat to the community, no threat to the school, no threat to the staff either,” he said.

— Jackson Hayes, “Lockdown at Pickering school after fight“.  Toronto Star, May 2nd, 2008.

If there’s no danger to the students, or the staff, or the public… What is the point in locking everyone in their classrooms?  Worried you can’t find the guy?  Does he live at “no fixed address?”  Is he an shady itinerant longshoreman that works the ore carriers of the Great Lakes, registered in every high school from here to Michigan?

Could you not send a squad car to the fella’s home after school, and pick him up?  No? News has more:

Although there were no threats involving the school or the nearby community, St. Mary was locked down following the incident simply because both of the students involved attend the school, located on Whites Road just south of Finch Avenue.

If my old high school went into lockdown every time there was a fight between two (or more) students, we’d have been in lockdown twice a day, at least.

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