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Listen bub, I don’t care what you’re fighting for, but let’s get one thing straight.  A ship never uses oars.  "Boat" is the term you’re looking for.  If you get confused about whether a vessel is a ship or a boat, remember this handy little aphorism:  if it’s small enough to be carried on another type of vessel, it’s a boat.  If it’s too large to do that, it’s a ship.

This is a boat.  So is this.  And this, too.

This (the big green one) is a ship; the little bathtub toy beside it is a 100ft pilot boat.  This is also a ship.  Note again the presence of the little white dandruff-flakes surrounding it, a.k.a. boats.  This is definitely a ship; note the cute little USS Missouri (887ft) in the background.

Ship are never oar-powered, to try to bring them in to shore under oar propulsion would probably take a few thousand men and the remaining years of your natural life.  Just sayin’.

(Blame "Horton Hears A Who" for this micro-rant)

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