Wide World of Bacon, Vol I

Stuff to keep you occupied in the twilight hours of the work week

bacon_world Next week is vacation time for me, so blogging will (probably) be light-to-nonexistent.  If all goes well I will have a fully refitted bathroom, many more hours logged on the Wii, empty bottles of scotch and pictures of cute wild animals.  If things go poorly I will be short one bathroom, have fragments of a Wii, bottles of wild animals, and pictures of scotch.

Thanks largely to Kateland and JMH, I have some goodies to pass on to all of you today, from the non-intersecting (but equally interesting) worlds of bacon and airpower.

  • Bacon bandages! (via Kateland)  Somebody must think this is a good idea, but count me out.  There’s something just a little off about this concept.
  • Bacon air freshener (via Kateland).  Depending on the scent quality this could be a really, really good idea, or an abomination to all mankind.  Theoretically it should beat the hell out of those disgusting pine-scented fresheners.  On the other hand, your odds of going through the drive-through every day to get a bacon cheeseburger will go up by a gazillion percent.
  • The bacon-scented, bacon-patterned tuxedo (also via Kateland).  I like bacon a lot, but I love my wife a lot more, and I am pretty certain she would kill me if I were to try and wear something like this outdoors.  Or even off-duty lounging around the house.  I’m reasonably sure I would kill me if I tried to wear anything like a bacon tux.  The point of high hilarity in this photo is the woman.  She is wearing a semi-traditional mandarin-collared dress, suitable for a variety of special occasions, and she has her hand draped over the guy’s shoulder with casual familiarity, as if any woman in her right mind would want to be associated with a buffoon in a bacon suit.  The guy, meanwhile, is doing his best to look smooth wearing something whose only possible special occasion is his death and consumption in a giant BLT by fashion-conscious cannibals.
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