Apples to oranges

From the Montréal Gazette‘s Letters to the Editor:

I am a black Canadian woman who recently returned to Montreal after spending 10 years studying and working in the United States. While there, it was with pride that I followed through the media the appointment of Michaëlle Jean as governor-general of Canada.

With her amazing qualifications, she has been fulfilling her role in an impeccable manner. Now that Barack Obama stands a very real chance of becoming the next president of the United States, dare I dream that we might have a black leader of Canada in my lifetime?

Diane Carol Jacobs
St. Hubert

I think Her Excellency Michaëlle Jean has done a superb job as the nation’s vice-regal representative, and certainly allayed any fears I had initially about her prior separatist sympathies.  She conducts herself with enthusiasm, aplomb and decorum that one might wish from the actual House of Windsor.

I could be wrong, but I have this funny feeling that Senator Obama’s supporters have been doing a little volunteering, fundraising and campaigning for the candidate.  At least once.  I’m not so sure anything like that is involved in the appointment of the Governor General.  Having a black Prime Minister is, I think, contingent upon a black man or woman articulating a political vision that resonates first with his or her political party, and second with the electorate of this great nation.

Personally, I prefer to vote for the guy or girl whose platform contains the policies I find most attractive and beneficial to the nation.  The melanin content of their skin isn’t something I factor into consideration.

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