Breaking: Ministerial aide fired for ties to Mme. Couillard

JulieCouillardWhere will the shocking revelations end?!

Expected shortly:

— Men of the Montréal suburbs who may have given up bus seats or held open doors for Mme. Couillard expected to appear before Royal Commission for the Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue.

— Couillard’s senior prom date, who may or may not have voted Tory once, resigns from self-employment in disgrace.

— Neighbours of neighbours who purchased Girl Guide cookies from young Mlle. Couillard demand inquiry by national Guides organisation.

— Québec organised crime syndicates issue press release; admit to racketeering, extortion, murder and other violent crimes, but disavow any connection to anything really unseemly, like Mme. Couillard.

(Via Alan of Gen X at 40, who links to this interesting footnote to the Couillard saga.)

I admit it is hilarious to see a second official get torpedoed because of his dating choices.  If there is a preferred way to see ministers and aides-de-camp embarass themselves, it is probably this way.  But I entertain a certain skepticism as to whether Ms. Couillard is the tip of the spear for a strategic push by organised crime into the inner circles of Tory government.

UPDATE: The indispensable Paul Wells links to an article in the online version of La Presse, (WARNING: French ahead) which reveals that Mme. Couillard met both M. Bernier and  M. Côté through one Philippe Morin of  Kevlar Real Estate.  The article goes on to infer that Kevlar set her up with Bernier so she could sell their project to construct a new federal building in Quebec City.  Interestingly, Mme. Couillard has from the outset claimed to be associated with Kevlar, although Kevlar has insistently denied that she was never an employee.

So, not so much the thin end of the wedge for criminal biker syndicates, and more like the thin end of the wedge for over-eager realtors.

UNIVERSAL EXPORTS UPDATE: Mme. Couillard now stands accused of influence peddling!  So if Julie Couillard is the villain’s Bond girl, and Philippe Morin is the Bond villain… where the hell is the secret volcano lair?  And the henchman with the oddly lethal haberdashery?

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  1. Alan says:

    You do know bikers wear suits sometimes, right?

  2. Chris Taylor says:

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  3. Colin says:

    I’d hit that.