Europe, with some minor changes

I have been playing with the latest expansion to the Europa Universalis III franchise, known as In Nomine.  The new expansion offers many new features, most notably:

  • An earlier start date, on October 13, 1399 (the date of Henry IV’s coronation).
  • A new mission system which gives players and the game AI strategic goals for their country to focus on.
  • National and Province Decisions, which can affect stability, tax income, manpower, et cetera in either the province or across the nation.
  • Rebellions with specific goals (i.e. lower taxes, government revolution, independence, etc).
  • Countries with republican governments now have elections to determine the leader.
  • The Curia controller can now excommunicate a ruler, or call a crusade on a specific country.
  • New colonial system, colonies grow incrementally each year through colonisation funding, not just sending a batch of new colonists.
  • Combat AI is much more effective, not so easily distracted by sieges anymore.  Can mount effective amphibious invasions too.
  • The ability to take map screenshots in-game, natively, without some other 3rd party utility.

eu3_map_eng_1471318_2 Here is a screenshot of the kingdom of England, circa 1471.  This map would ordinarily show your country in its preferred colour, and your vassals in a lighter colour.  As you can see I have no vassals (they were Irish minors and Scotland, before diplomatic annexation).  I can’t form Great Britain yet as it will take another 40 years to get cores on all of the Scottish provinces.

From about 1430 onward I have monopolised control of the Papal Curia and the title of Holy Roman Emperor, which gives a massive manpower boost to otherwise underperforming England.

The Hundred Years War went pretty well, I successfully wrested Aquitaine and Normandy from France, and Picardie from Burgundy.  Ireland and Scotland were peacefully annexed.  Scotland had somehow grabbed Iceland and Orkney from Norway, and expanded the nascent colonies there.

That patch of red around Judea and Samaria were territories grabbed from the Mamelukes and their revolters, Syria, during a Great Crusade against their allies the Golden Horde.  They were all duly converted to Catholicism in the years afterward.  I also captured Gibraltar from Grenada, which is a handy port for staging into the Med.

eu3_map_eng_1471318_1 This is Europe circa 1471, which surprisingly bears a close resemblance to the actual, historical Europe of 1470.  Kind of shocking, really.

Sweden ate Norway and Denmark just a few years ago. Castile and Aragon have not yet merged to form Spain.  The Reconquista isn’t yet complete as Granada is still kicking around.  Poland inherited Lithuania and became a super-blob overnight.  Muscovy has slowly but surely devoured Novgorod and significant chunks of the Golden Horde.

That big purple blob around Greece is ahistorical, though.  That’s the Byzantine Empire, which I aided and abetted through several wars with the Ottomans.  They are now big enough to survive on their own, provided they don’t do something stupid like go to war with Hungary.  And what used to be Burgundy has been divided up between England, Brabant and France.  Navarra hangs on improbably as an English ally, although that will soon change.

Truth be told, I am getting a little tired of the Holy Roman Emperor crown, as it results in a lot of meddling in little brush-fire wars in central Europe.  The Emperor gets to automatically guarantee the independence of every HRE member, and I have no prolonged interest in policing the affairs of the very fractious empire.

The only exception to that is Brabant, who have almost completed their conquest of the Low Countries.  I am trying to ally with them and send subtle hints (by way of large expensive gifts) that I am prepared to look the other way should they decide to form the United Netherlands by gobbling up Friesland and Utrecht.  Normally I wouldn’t tolerate poaching of HRE territories, but a strong ally sharing a border with France is never a bad thing.

Speaking of France, I have nominally good relations with them right now, but I’m sure that will end as soon as some other schmoe gets elected Emperor and my manpower reserve drops into the toilet.  Then we’ll get to see just how good the newly-built forts in Normandy are.

Right now it looks like I may have to lay the Imperial Smackdown on Poland-Lithuania so that they will cough up a couple of German minors on the Baltic (like Pommerania) that have mysteriously disappeared.

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