Missed it by that much…

Military authorities are investigating why a cargo container dropped by a Trenton-based aircrew landed next to Highway 62 in Prince Edward County Monday.

The incident happened around 2 p. m. as a combined crew from 426 Transport Training Squadron and 436 Transport Squadron trained in a CC-130 Hercules plane.

While flying over the base’s Mountain View detachment, the crew deployed a parachute-equipped cargo container.

But instead of drifting onto the military airfield, the container floated east over the highway, landing on its eastern shoulder. It was reported by a motorist.

…The typical cargo load for a heavy-equipment training flight weighs
about 5,000 pounds and is slightly larger than the average kitchen
oven, Meszaros said.

— Luke Hendry, “Military probes unexpected cargo drop“.  Belleville Intelligencer, June 11th, 2008.

I have no doubt that the men and women of 426 and 436 Squadrons are aware of the proper procedure, but let me remind them just in case:

  • The designated load is supposed to come off the aircraft at such a time and place as to land on some staff puke’s (unoccupied) car.
  • The chute is to be rigged in such a fashion as to fail to arrest the pallet’s descent in any meaningful way.

Here are some examples.

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