Open mouth, insert foot

The Globe & Mail does its best to spin private tragedy for political points, painting a picture of a former reservist who has lost faith in the ISAF mission after his son’s death.  Padre John Briscall, acquaintance of David Snyder, unwittingly abets the Globe by saying something unwise to reporter Jessica Leeder:

Mr. Snyder, a former reservist and high-school English teacher, did not return The Globe’s calls for comment yesterday. Close friends said the retiree was not antiwar or antimilitary, but he had deep reservations about Afghanistan.

“He would certainly be in favour of the military doing what it needs to do when that’s appropriate,” said Padre John Briscall, who knows Mr. Snyder through work with the local Royal Canadian Legion and spent much of Sunday consoling him. “He thinks our involvement in Afghanistan was unnecessary.”

— Jessica Leeder, “‘War is stupid. Everybody knows that’“.  Globe & Mail, June 10th, 2008.

Mr. Snyder may think that now, overwhelmed by grief and sorrow; it’s only been three days since his son’s death.  I have a feeling that in more reflective moments, he may realise that there’s at least 24 good reasons for Canadian soldiers to be involved.  Our politicians didn’t kill those 24 folks.  Certain individuals who subscribed to a narrow and murderous ideology did.  The necessity of extinguishing that ideology is, I am sure, something that the men and women of ISAF understand quite well.

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