Sober second thought

So I was thinking of launching a crusade for Judea and Beirut, but when I scrolled over to the Levant, there was this nasty green Ottoman Empire blob where the Mamlukes used to be.


The game year, by the way, is 1498.  The real Ottoman Empire didn’t manage to eat the Mamelukes until 1512-1520.

The Ottomans have about five times the manpower I can currently muster, and the only allied resupply point en route is little Cyprus.  Like the Cypriots won’t get overrun in the first few days of the war.

I’m putting off that Haifa beach vacation for a couple of decades.  Possibly centuries.

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2 Responses
  1. Oh yea of little faith!
    There is nothing that sixteen inches of cold British steel cannot stop. Have the men fix bayonets and send them in!
    Longshanks demands no less.

  2. Chris Taylor says:

    …But first we have to invent bayonets. And muskets.
    Right now I’ve got twenty or thirty thousand longbowmen and Gallóglaigh. perfectly suitable for beating the stuffing out of say, Burgundy or France, but not at all suitable for going up against the Ottoman Sipahi cavalry. They eat infantry for breakfast (at least until you’ve invented infantry with lots of firearms).