Thursday Airport Noise Complaints

I was looking for some kind of administrative or PR contact for CYTZ when I ran across these hilarious monthly noise complaint summaries.  Maybe one or two of these complainants are familiar with specific aircraft types, but the vast majority just hear a noise and blame the island airport.  Here (below the break) are several knee-slappers, extracted whole from the April 2008 summary.  AFTNS, by the bye, refers to the Aircraft Flight Tracking and Noise System.

The interesting thing for me is the number of individuals complaining that aircraft overflew houses or were below airspace-designated MSA for nearby residential areas.  There are quite a few complaining of residential overflights that never happened, or below-MSA altitudes that were actually above MSA.  I have no idea how the guys who handle noise complaints for CYTZ avoid losing their minds.

Here are some of the best of the lot.


Tracking system plots a GA craft within normal airport operating hours, but you blame Porter.  Okay then.


Not only do you get nailed for noise from your airport, you get nailed for stuff going into (or out of) Pearson, too.  Nice.  I wonder if Pearson has its own operating authority and contact form for noise complaints.  Nah, couldn’t be.


Yeah, it’s stupid for the Ministry of Health to allow medevacs before noon.  If you’re going to mortally injure yourself, you should have the good graces to do it while everyone’s awake.


He heard the noise, but nobody was there.


I give this complainant a pat on the back, because although he got the aircraft ID wrong, Rutan did build a number of notable pusher-prop designs.  He is at least making an effort to ID the source of the noise, instead of assuming it’s Porter.

And to be fair that particular aircraft shows up a number of times in April’s noise complaints.  Apparently the pilot likes flying low over the island.  It would be interesting to see what, if anything, the airport (and particularly Transport Canada) do.


Damn, not those MOH medevacs again.  When will they ever learn?  Sleep is more important than saving lives!


Props for correctly type-IDing this bird, but he was actually over 1000ft AGL (above ground level).  I don’t think your homebuilt search and tracking radars are correctly calibrated.  Or maybe you’re just lazy and trying to eyeball it.


Damn those medevacs, keeping sound engineers awake!  How dare they try to save lives while innocent men, women and children are sleeping! Priorities, people.

Just remind yourselves, aggrieved residents, the airport was built in 1939 and has functioned ever since.  What year did you move in?

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