Your gums are flapping, but no sense is coming out

So multi-force police raids netted 36 arrests and 443 charges, ranging from weapons smuggling to narcotics trafficking.

Here is an excerpt from the National Post‘s account, including a particularly unintelligible remark from OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino:

Dubbed Project Blackhawk, the investigation began in 2006 as a result of a tip from U.S. law enforcement officials to Waterloo regional police that 237 handguns had been smuggled into Canada. The Waterloo police force then notified Toronto police and the Ontario Provincial Police weapons enforcement unit.

…Authorities in the U.S. said they also arrested a gun shop owner in Chicago who is believed to be responsible for providing guns that were smuggled into Canada.

“Cross-border crime presents a serious threat to the safety and security of communities on both sides of the border,” said U.S. immigration and customs official Gary Hartwig.

Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino added: “the worse aspect of crime guns being smuggled into Ontario is that all too often, these guns fall into the hands of those who are responsible for taking innocent lives such as those we witnessed in last weekend’s horrific spate of gun violence.

Come again, Commissioner?  The worst aspect of crime guns being smuggled into Ontario is that criminals might, well, use them for more crime?  You don’t say.  Who do you think wants black-market guns pre-used in prior crimes, anyway?  Retired grannies looking for self-defence?  Olympic medallists looking for competition-grade rifles?

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