Independence Day


I am enough of a Loyalist and 18th century Tory at heart to still have misgivings about the loss of the Thirteen Colonies, but it would be churlish to focus on the negative.  In spite of throwing off centuries of limited royal governance and the mantle of Westminster parliamentarianism, the United States has done very well for itself and its citizens.

So, happy 232nd to our North American brethren.

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2 Responses
  1. I just ran into your blog while searching for a Greek translation. I was interested in your Independence Day entry. Was it not a shame that Benedict Arnold failed in the attempt, early in the War of Independence, to bring Canada along? And isn’t it a shame now that, after more than 200 years of going our own way, the USA is now trying to Europeanize itself?
    Ed McGill

  2. Chris Taylor says:

    Thanks for this. I am ambivalent on the first point, I think it was a shame that British and American colonial politicians could not come to an amicable agreement before taking up arms.
    Wholeheartedly in agreement on the second point, though. No free nation should undertake to make itself demonstrably less free with so little to gain.