Absolutely hopeless on military matters

bmp2_ifvs This is the picture that accompanies a Globe & Mail story about NATO’s response to Russia’s invasion of Georgia.  The caption reads: “A column of Russian tanks moves as they leave Georgia on Tuesday”, and it is credited to AFP/Getty Images.

I am not sure whether AFP//Getty or the Globe deserves the kick in the nads, but here’s a hint, fellas:

The armoured vehicles in the photo are not tanks.  Not everything with treads and a turret is a tank, okay?  The tracks in the image are BMP-2 IFVs (infantry fighting vehicles).  An IFV’s job is to move troops from point A to point B in such a way so that the troops inside will not get cut to ribbons by tanks or other IFVs, like they would if they were strolling through the fields on foot.  IFVs do not go toe-to-toe with MBTs unless they are equipped with antitank missiles.

Tanks have enormous 120mm guns on the front to punch holes in other tanks.  The barrels of these guns are typically about 5-6 metres in length.  If the track doesn’t have an enormous gun with a really long barrel, odds are it is not a tank.  Keep that in mind for next time.

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