Propane and propane accessories

…going boom in the night

The noise and shockwave from this thing (visible at 0:06 in the embedded video) shook our condo and bed, and woke me up at about 0350 Eastern.  I am a little amazed to learn that it was 10 kilometres almost due north, and yet the noise and vibration carried that far.

It kept up a steady drumbeat of secondary (but much smaller) explosions for at least 10-15 minutes afterward.  I thought it was a bit of thunder at first, but there was no hint of rain outside.  When I checked the King City weather radar there was no precip within miles of us.  Didn’t figure it was worth turning on the news since they’ll only have cameras and reporters on-scene a half-hour later.  We face the lake to the south, and so I couldn’t see the big fireball and titanic flames rising from Keele and Wilson.  Looked downtown and saw everything was still there, so I went back to bed. 

Good to know that despite the enormous evacuation, there was only one fatality.  Could have been much, much worse.

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