Royal Navy hasn’t entirely given up on fighting piracy

rn_f238 Against all odds, HM Government under the Right Hon. Gordon Brown has dispatched two frigates (HMS Northumberland and HMS Cumbria) to the Gulf of Aden on anti-piracy patrol.  Even more shocking, the warships have been given the green light to destroy the pirates.

Now that is more like it.

The Danish Navy foils pirates, but sadly, not in a destructive way.

Saddam’s old luxury yacht, the Ocean Breeze, is up for sale.  I have to say I am disappointed in the late Mr. Hussein.  First, he didn’t manage to kit out his boat with any good Bond-villain superweapon systems; although the missile launcher and mini-sub are nice touches.  Shades of Thunderball.  Second, even the lamest tinpot dictator should be able to come up with a more fearsome name than Ocean Breeze.  Just go to the Pirate Ship Name Generator and pick one out.

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