Great Moments in Liberal Appeasement

cc-106_yukonCanadian Forces CC-106 Yukon.

December 3rd, 1970: At the conclusion of Operation Ragout, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau rolls over to FLQ demands in order to safeguard the life of kidnapped British Trade Commissioner James Cross.  The five known terrorists—Marc Carbonneau, Yves Langlois, Jacques Lanctôt, Jacques Cossette-Trudel and his wife, Louise Lanctôt—are granted their request for safe passage to Cuba by the Government of Canada, following approval by Fidel Castro.

They are flown to Cuba aboard a Canadian Forces CC-106 Yukon, tail number 106922, commanded by a presumably furious Major Stu Parmalee.

Yup, invoking the War Measures Act and arresting those 400 people sure made a difference. The FLQ still got the Cuban vacation they had asked for.  And Quebec has never since had a referendum on separation, nor a series of secessionist governments, right?

Tell me again why Trudeau is considered to have taken a “tough stance” on terrorism?  What part of “tough stance” equals “flying the bad guys to a tropical island aboard government aircraft, just like they asked”?

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