67 USAF aircraft lost in the War on Terror

Tucked away in a corner of the publication, the January edition of the Air Force Association’s magazine yields an interesting tidbit about airpower contingency losses in Iraq and Afghanistan.  These figures are from September 11th, 2001 to mid-Novmber, 2008.

The twenty-four manned aircraft losses, from greatest to fewest:

The forty-three unmanned aircraft losses, from greatest to fewest:

Seven of the aircraft are considered combat losses, meaning that they were destroyed while in direct contact with the enemy.

(from “Air Force World“, Air Force magazine, January 2009)

UPDATE 170700Z JAN 2009: These figures are, of course, for the USAF alone.  The US Army has lost upwards of 120 aircraft of varying types, of which fully one quarter were combat losses.  My guess would be that, like the Air Force, the bulk would be unmanned vehicles, followed by a smaller number of rotary-wing aircraft.  I have not been able to locate figures for the USN and USMC.

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