Accuracy is not all that important

It always amazes me how much pure garbage gets put out there by the guys calling themselves professional journalists.  Citizen journalism is supposed to be rife with anarchy and lack of standards and so on, but I still see end-product from the Long War Journal that’s heads and shoulders better than the Globe and Mail.

Very often the so-called media professionals are just too damn lazy or careless to fact-check.  Take this video from Associated Press; it details the crash of a Turkish Airlines B737-800 today whilst on approach to Amsterdam’s Schipol Intl. Airport.  AP’s video title is “Raw Video: Airliner Crashes in Turkey”, and the in-video dateline shows Ankara, Turkey.  Yet their wire version of the same story manages to figure out that Amsterdam is in the Netherlands, not Turkey.  WTF, AP?

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2 Responses
  1. James says:

    I detest the headlong rush of all form of media to get the news before everyone else. I hate watching or listening to news providers with their perpetual “updates” and seeing\hearing a new death\injured count every time.
    They need to get it into their thick heads that they aren’t going to get accurate numbers within an hour of an event!

  2. Chris Taylor says:

    I would rather the non-broadcast media—like papers and wire services—take a couple hours, research all the angles, and then publish a really detailed account. Something worth reading during the commute.
    Chasing after the broadcast media by running the same fluffy, insight-devoid pieces will bury them.